How to Cause your Very Own Apocalypse is an in-progress work of serial fiction following a cabal of nihilists attempting to end the world. This is easier than it sounds, as the world of HtCyVOA is one in which demon-summoning is commonplace, profitable, and tons of fun.

You can start reading here.


My screen name is NimbusArchon. I’m an amateur writer, doing this in my free time. This is my first project of any magnitude or significance. I’ve written some short stories in the past, including this writing prompt response of which I’m unreasonably proud.


HtCyVOA, in its current form, is a polished first draft. It may have some grammatical or spelling errors. There are probably going to be rough patches where my prose is weak or indecipherable. Bear with me. I think the story will be worth it.


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